Darin Keith

Modern Square Dancing

A fun, friendly atmosphere for the whole family. Darin use's modern pop music, with a little traditional thrown in at his dances.
In today's economy, we all are looking for something fun and that won't break the budget. Square dancing is for you!
Square dancing is friendship set to music. Its a great activity for all ages and good exercise. A Smoke & Alcohol free environment too!!
Classes start various times of the year. Check out club pages for more details of classes and rates.
(Family rates are available in all my clubs and classes.)
Darin is willing to call for your Club event, Festival or Conventions.

Travel Schedule

Darin's Clubs

I call For 5 different clubs, 5 nights a week. Ranging from Basic/Mainstream thru A-2. Click on the Clubs button and check out what club fits your needs or schedule.

A few times a year. I will do some part-time travel calling. Would love to have you join me!!


Special Dances in Boise

A few times a year, I will Host a traveling caller in Boise. If your passing thru, you might catch one here.

Beginner Dance Classes

Begginer Classes Start this September. Click the link for the Class details

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